Raja Ampat

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Raja View 12           Raja Ampat is the centre of the area with the biggest variety and biodiversity of underwater life in the whole world.

Our dive trips to Raja Ampat can be divided into different parts that we will adapt to the personal taste of the group. They all share the same underwater magic and around them one can see some of the best sites in the world, paradise for divers and snorkellers below and above.


Once you arrive in Misool, you are surrounded by one of the most fascinating landscapes you can imagine. hundreds of small islands all shaped by the time into sculptures that only nature can produce. The topside it’s out of this world but once your head is under the water you start to understand the concept of variety of colours. The soft corals are unbelievable, all kind of colours and at all depths. It is not unusual to be among a dozen of different ones only a metre or two down!!!

In between the islands the currents flow and countless fans have decided to live there and surprise us during every dive, yes!! There are some nudies and lots of pygmies (different species at every possible depth) and also big guys like Grey Sharks big Napoleon Wrasses , Groupers and Mantas.

For sure the amount of tropical colourful fish among those fans and the beautiful colours of the soft corals will stay in our memories for a long time!!

Free div MantaWaigeo, Gam, Mansuar, Kri Islands.

Between the islands of Waigeo – Gam and Mansuar – Kri, here is outstanding diving. Probably the corals are less spectacular than in Misool, but that is compensated by the schools of fish like in Sardine reef and Kri corner. These sites are just fabulously filled with fish and pelagic action is always expected. At the west site of Mansuar área, Mantas can be seen in great numbers in a popular and lately overcrowded site called Manta Sandy, but ths is not the only one we dive for Mantas. During our regular Raja Ampat scuba trips we do visit up to five sites where we often see Reef and  Oceanic Mantas.

Gam IslandPS small

For the enthusiastic of macro photography here you will get the best chance of the trip. Pygmies, small crustaceans of all kind, nudies…The night dive under the pier of the pearl farm will be probably the best of the trip. A couple of wobbies sleep there, epaulette sharks come curiously to see us and all the night lovers wake up and expose themselves to our lights.

Of course for some others this place means shopping at the pearl farm!!!!

Other options for you to choose from: going north to Kawe (diving crossing the equator…) and Wayag, together with Penemu two of the best top view sites in Raja Ampat.

Muck Diving in Batanta

We do spend some time in Batanta. Among the rare picturesque dragonets, spotting mandarin fish, mimic octopus and blue ringed octopus .This is the only real muck dive area.Tender1

PENEMU Islands

Dive sites like Melissa’s Garden, Keruo Wall and Barracuda Point are not to be missed.

Here we have a change in scenery. The hard corals are more abundant, and although the fish life is as good as it gets, the barracudas and the wobbegong sharks will be our main goals.

In between the island there are great drift dives among gorgonians. We are normally welcomed by a school of friendly bumphead parrot fish and sweetlips.

2018 (Raja Ampat)

Trip No. Start Date End Date Nights From Main Area To Availability & Rates Action
19 Mar 2018-03-19 2018-03-30 11 Sorong Raja Ampat - Misool Sorong Available


31 Mar 2018-03-31 2018-04-07 7 Sorong Raja Ampat Sorong Available


9 Apr 2018-04-09 2018-04-20 11 Sorong Raja Ampat Sorong Available


17 Sept 2018-09-17 2018-09-28 11 Alor Alor - Banda Sea - Ring of Fire Saumlaki Available


20 Nov 2018-11-20 2018-12-01 11 Sorong Raja Ampat Sorong Available


3 Dec 2018-12-03 2018-12-14 11 Sorong Raja Ampat - Misool Sorong Available


16 Dec 2018-12-16 2018-12-23 7 Sorong Raja Ampat - Misool Sorong Available


25 Dec 2018-12-25 2019-01-04 10 Sorong Raja Ampat Sorong Available