Diving rules


Obviously on all dive trips, safety is the main concern. The quality of diving is guaranteed. Indonesia has the best reef diving in the world and diving from the Seahorse will give you the chance to reach unbelievable sites, but one thing must be understood, diving in remote means the conventional potential risks of diving carry possible additional consequences. This is mainly due to the fact that provision of medical care is less readily available, and evacuation can take much longer.

We carry emergency oxygen supplies and our crew have been trained in it’s use. We also have an Automatic External Defibrillator and a full first aid kit on board. We provide a registration form to each guest prior to their trip where we ask you questions about medical conditions that may have an impact on their ability to dive. We also ask about food allergies and preferences. Honest provision of this information will allow us to better cater to your needs.


Before each dive we will check the conditions and make sure we are diving at the optimal time. We also check to make sure the conditions are acceptable and safe to dive. A briefing will then be given to describe the highlights and features of the dive. Also information on safety considerations will be given. Whenever possible we will be flexible with the way you want to dive and try to adapt ourselves to your own preferences. However the Dive Masters decisions in all matters of Dive Safety are final.

Details of the specific dive sites can be found on the destination pages of this website.

During the Dive:

The use of a Dive Computer, an Octopus and a Surface Marker Buoy are mandatory for ALL guests. If you do not have these, let us know in advance and we can make them available for you. Equipment rental charges may apply. See below for details. We ask that all guests practice conservative diving at all times.


We request that you dive within the limits of your training. There is little reason to dive deeper than 30m on most dive sites in Indonesia. The colour and corals are more abundant the shallower you are.  Be aware that your diving insurance may place a limit on the depths you are allowed to dive to. Diving deeper than this could affect your cover. Medical evacuations will be long as Hospitals and Hyperbaric chamber treatments are very far away from were we operate.  We do not allow any Decompression Diving on our trips. “Going in to Deco” might also adversely affect your insurance cover. Please be aware of your No Decompression Limits (NDLs) at all times.

Dive Times:

Dives are usually around one hour. Although we don’t put a strict limit on your dive time we ask that you end your dive with no less than 30 bar in your tank. And also we ask that you respect the schedule of the boat. During our trips we may need to cover large distances between dives which means endless dives are not necessarily an option.

Safety Stops:

Safety Stops are recommended for the end of each dive. 3 minutes at at 5m as a minimum. Consider longer safety stops if you dived deep. Additional time spent at 5m only adds to your safety. We ask that you begin your safety stop with no less than 50 Bar (750 PSI) and come back to surface with no less than 30 Bar (450 PSI). This is for your own safety.


The many islands of Indonesia and it’s position between the Pacific and Indian Oceans means that dive sites are subject to strong currents. Many dive sites are at their best when dived with a current flowing. We aim to get to the up-current part of the reef when we dive as this is where fish congregate and all of the action happens. It is possible to sit in the split point of the current with out too much effort. We recommend the careful use of Reef Hooks to help you stay in place when the current is very strong and otherwise unavoidable as it can occasionally be.


Due to limited storage space on board we only have few sets of rental gear and some spares on board. We strongly recommend that you service your gear leading up to your trip and double check everything before you leave home. There are no dive shops in Eastern Indonesia from which to buy spares. If you require rental equipment this must be arranged in advance and rental charges will apply.

Exposure Protection/Wetsuits:

The water temperature and visibility vary from area to area see our Travel Info page for more details. In general a 3mm wetsuit will be sufficient everywhere except for South Komodo, where a 5mm is recommended.

The environment:

The underwater world is a fragile one and we ask that you take care when you are enjoying the beauty of the reef. Please do not touch living corals. If you are wearing gloves consider carefully what you hold on to. Please be careful with your fins and exercise careful buoyancy control. If you use a reef hook please only hook on to rocks or dead coral. Please do not collect shells or anything else from below the water. Photographers please note that harassment of marine life is not acceptable. If you are observed to be causing any damage or violating any of these rules you will be given a warning by the Trip Leader. We reserve the right to ban repeat offenders from the water. Many of the areas we dive are national parks and as such are protected.

A note on Alcohol:

Alcohol is available on board. Please note that no alcohol may be consumed before a dive. If you wish to have a drink please do, but please note that you will not be diving again until the following morning. As you are on holiday and free to enjoy your evenings as you wish, but if our Dive Master has any reason to believe you are unfit for diving the morning after a late night of drinking you may not be allowed in the water. As mentioned above the Dive Masters decisions in all matters of Dive Safety are final and will have the support of the owners and management.


Our Dive Masters are well trained with years of experience in Indonesia and can spot and name anything that is down there for you. Also if you have requests of things to find they will do their best to oblige. Of course some creatures are seasonal, and some are just plain elusive, but we will try our best to help you find what you are looking for.

Your equipment:

The crew will also take good care of your equipment for you. They have been trained in first aid and in the handling of the gear, including your cameras.

Item Per day 7 nights 11 nights 14 nights
Computer $9 $50 $40 $65
BCD $10 $55 $70 $70
Regulator $10 $55 $70 $70
3mm Wetsuit $10 $45 $50 $65
Set (Bcd.Reg.Wetsuit) $18 $120 $195 $195
Torch $10 $50 $75 $75
Fins $6 $20 $30 $30
Mask & Snorkel $6 $20 $30 $30
Fins, Mask & Snorkel $10 $30 $50 $50
Complete Set $25 $145 $250 $250
Complete set includes: BCD, Regulator, 3mm wetsuit, safety sausage, computer, fins mask & snorkel


Nitrox (no equipment included) $150