Banda Sea

Banda Sea Dive Travel Information


The history of this area is part of world heritage, remainings like Fort Bélgica in Banda Neira; various nutmeg plantations; the colonial style houses — all are common in the area — make this trip great for diving and extremely interesting for its cultural value.



A new airport and its logistics have made of Ambon a primary starting point for some live-a-boards.

Nusa Laut

Only a few hours away from Ambon, but so different, it is the best example we know of a village taking care of a reef. The reef is as it was hundreds of years ago. The locals have protected it and now it is an outstanding diving site, many people’s favourite dive.

Banda Island

Obligated stop for a cultural tour: the fort, the governor’s house, the church, nutmeg plantations, the chance to have a beer on land with the locals…

Let’s not forget the diving: both Pulau Run and Pulau Ai have pristine clear waters, lovely walls and good fish life; we might go a bit deeper in search of more hammerheads, big fish can be seen here as well, napoleons, schools of black snappers, bumpheads etc…

We will not miss the hard coral garden under the lava flow of Gunung Api, the impressive volcano that dominates Banda. It erupted in 1988 and now it is a miracle to dive in a garden that has grown in such a short period of time.

Batu Kapal, at the entrance of Banda offers some of the bigger fans you will see and it is full of life, a real fishy dive.

A bit south is Hatta consisting of an underwater coral garden with a friendly school of bumpheads and some white tips among its highlights. To finish the area in Banda Besar we will dive the underwater window.



Lucipara means wall diving, atolls surrounded by a stunning wall system. This remote archipelago is often visited by dolphins and pilot whales. The walls are in great state, good fans, nice schools of fusiliers, snappers, banners, but keep an eye in the blue: schools of rainbow runners, big tunas, both, yellow fin and dog tooth will be there!

Gunung Api

Already a legend, what Cocos is for sharks and Sipadan for turtles Gunung Api is for sea snakes!


On the way from the Bandas to Papua a stop in Koon is mandatory. The name of the dive site says it all: “Too many fishes”. With the right current the diving could be unforgettable, millions of fish, schooling jacks, barracudas, sharks… but never too many… we always need more!

Water temperature & Dive suit
Waters are typically around 29 or 30 Celsius. A 3 mm wetsuit works well for all the dives.

Domestic Flights

You can reach Ambon in daily flights departing from Jakarta
As always, we are more than happy to arrange all domestic flights for you.*