Flores & East Nusa Tenggara Dive Travel Info

The abundance of life in Nusa Tenggara is due to the currents flowing through the straits between the islands.

These waters are a frequent resting spot for sperm whales and their calves, orcas, dolphins and other mammals are spot here s well.

The diving is excellent for both wide angle and macro lovers, nice drop offs, huge fans and sponges and some of the best muck in the country.

The diving in the region is always unforgettable, but in this particular case we will go back home with some added memories in our hard disk: faces, expressions and a sense of envious that we will get after interacting with the remarkable friendly locals.

They all have something in common: not shy at all. They will regularly come up to the boat to sell their art and crafts; we will see it in the kids: they are born with a smile on their faces, enjoy their way of living… stress… no thanks!!

Maumere Harbor and Bay


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This can be a very rewarding dive site, apart from the school of bat fish you will see under the pier, there are plenty of critters to be found. You’ll see lots of nudies, different kind of pipe fish, the always spectacular picturesque dragonet, their cousins the mandarin fish and some mantis shrimp and devil scorpion fish among others. Once out of the bay there are a couple of nice reef dives and a muck dive where we’ve seen mimic octopus mating!!!!!


An obligated stop for the critters lovers: giant frog fish, mushroom coral pipe fish, sarron- and harlequin shrimp have been spotted here. The landscape is fantastic and although the dive sites are protected from the currents in the middle of the channel, there easily can be a current from up to 7 knots.



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A place full of action being a small island at the end of a channel.

A very fishy dive, schooling fish and white tips are present, big napoleon wrasses and some pelagic will be welcoming us.


One of the two only remaining traditional whale fishing villages in the world, a must for everybody!

A mixture of feelings, they catch anything from mantas to whale sharks, but their main goal is sperm whale, a good example of sustainable fishing, which keeps this area in good balance.

There is a possibility of doing a dive on the reef in front of the village with some interesting critters.

Pantar & Alor


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The best diving of this area, between Pantar and Alor you can expect everything, tunas, barracudas, jacks, white tips hammerheads…you need to dive some of the walls at slack tide only, but they are well worth it.

And this area also offers the best critter dive of:
Baby frog fish, baby rhinopias, blue and yellow ribbon eels, ghost pipe fish, blue fin lion fish….. One day minimum in this protected bay is a must…the night dive is one of the best in Indonesia.

Pulau Pura


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Come and visit the village, the friendliest people we have met!!!

Here is where the kids have fun posing as underwater models with their coconuts goggles.

The diving in the area is great, pristine waters, nice walls lots of fish and some surprises… we even saw there a lost wobbegong shark???

In front of the village there is a nice anchorage that gives us the opportunity to do a great mandarin fish dive and a night dive with endless crustaceans.

Water temperature & Dive suit

Waters are typically around 29 C but in the south of Alor  can be as cold as in south Komodo dropping sometimes to 22 to 23 degrees Celsius  or 71  73 F


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